• Hello everybody !

    I'm going to travel in Ireland from January to May. I will welcomed by the Dundalk University of Technology.

    I'm pleased you found this blog. I will publish regularly articles about my abroad semester and about my life in Ireland.

    Hope you will enjoy it !

    See you soon !


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  •  Hi everobody ! 

    That's it, it is the moment to leave !

    The 20th January 2015, I took the flight from Paris to Dublin in Ireland, in order to live 4 months in Dundalk, to study in the Dundalk Institute of Technology and to meet people of the all world smile


    Departure for Ireland !


    This is going to be a wonderful experience !


    In flight


    After having waited for a few hours at the airport from Paris, the plane finally took off.

    It left for one hour and a half of flight!


    Departure for Ireland !


    During the landing, I could already perceive the beautiful landscapes of Dublin.

    In the airport of Dublin, I met my friend Anne, and then we took the bus in the direction of Dundalk !


    Departure for Ireland !


    Welcome to Dundalk !

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  • For my first week-end in Dundalk, I decided to visit the city centre with some friends !



    St Patrick's cathedral

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  • Hi !

    Today, it's my first sunday in Dundalk, and I have already done so many things in this town!

    Firstly there were the Welcome Days, where we have made a lot of activities.


    You can read on this picture the program of these two days.

    Welcome Days



    On thursday, the activities I prefered was the cultural Ice-breaking games because thanks to these games, I was able to speak with a lot of erasmus students in English, and the Gaelic football, which is a mix between rugby, football and volleyball !


     Welcome Days

    On friday, we made Irish dancing, and I really enjoyed because I'd liked to dance, and I discovered a traditional dance.

    It's was so funny and interesting ! We made three different dances and we showed a demonstration of a very technical irish dance. I'd never seen that before.

    After, we spend the afternoon in Carlingford, a really beautiful country very closed to the sea, and we had had a guided tour.


    Welcome Days



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  • Burger King My first Burger King in Dundalk ! 


    Burger King



    Burger King





    Burger King







    Adress : Marshes Shopping Centre, Dundalk

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